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We develop people's climate literacy, accelerate innovative multistakeholder partnerships to deliver transformative change and scale breakthrough solutions to climate and environmental crisis.

Climate Literacy Workshop

We have initiated this training program to help youths in Bangladesh better understand climate change and environmental issues. Trainees get to learn about intra and inter-governmental climate conventions and means to combat climate crisis. Till the date, we have trained over 1000 youths through online and in-person workshops. 

Dhaka Climate Talk

The ‘Dhaka Climate Talk’ is an initiative to provide a platform for exchanging expertise among various stakeholders, showcasing best environmental practices, raising awareness on contemporary climate issues, and fostering cooperation between youth environmental activists, policymakers, NGOs, academicians, media & civil society.

Clean Bangladesh
Green Bangladesh

To Commemorate Bangladesh's 50th 'Victory Day', we had launched a country-wide campaign with the goal of making Bangladesh clean and green. Youths from 19 districts have come forward and taken actions to make this campiagn a successful one. 

Green Entrepreneurship

We are the first youth-led network in Bangladesh to conceptualize 'entrepreneurial ideas for environmental wellbeings' and conducted 'Green Entrepreneurship Development Training' in 2019 with Oxfam Bangladesh to train youths from four divisions.

Environmental Action at Home

During the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown in Bangladesh, it became difficult to accomplish in-person activities. To keep people engaged in continous environmental actions, we along with ActionAid staffs came with ideas of good environmental practices that all can replicate at home. Happy Watching! 

Dhaka Plog Run

The Dhaka Plog Run 2019 was the first-ever plogging (jogging + picking up litter) event in the city of Dhaka, meant to create an eco-friendly workout trend in the urban areas of Bangladesh. It is a trendy and new kind of clean-up drive which promotes  healthy life-style through keeping the urban spaces clean. 

Trash to Craft

Wastes are resources! There are many beautiful things that can be made with discarded things. For this, we have teamed up with green crafters and crafting entrepreneurs to train people online on how to recycle wastes into useful craft pieces and reduce pollution through sustainable waste management